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Mekhe Solar Cooker - Senegal
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Mekhe Solar Cooker - Senegal

The project aimed to create a model for the sustainable use of renewable energy and regeneration of plant resources. The overall goal was to preserve vegetation through reforestation and the use of solar energy as an alternative to firewood. 

The project, which was implemented by the Ndiop Women's Association, benefited from strong support by its stakeholders. The success of this model, as demonstrated in over 50 villages in Senegal, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, led to an SGP partner-ship with the NGO CRESP, the Eco-village of Ngaye, and GEN Senegal - the first African national Eco-village network. In Senegal alone, more than 11,300 households now benefit from solar cookers which also support micro-enterprises such as bakeries and other food preparation.

Country: Senegal; Area of work: Climate Change Mitigation; Priority Group: Women Empowerment and Gender Mainstreaming  Mekhe Solar Cooker - Senegal (2.13 MB)