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Start Date: Aug 2016
Sauvegarde et valorisation des plantes de pharmacopée locale par la mise en place d'un arboretum su...
Start Date: Jul 2016
Enhancing Ecosystems Services through Land Restoration:Community based Rangeland Restoration and Emp...
Start Date: Jul 2016
Food Sovereignty through Agro-Ecological Production
Start Date: Jul 2016
Ndumo Sustainability Initiative
Start Date: Jul 2016
Ukrainian steppe zone rehabilitation for the benefit of local communities
Start Date: Jun 2016
Engaging the community and building capacity for the Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL)
Start Date: Apr 2016
Establishment of Center for promotion of sustainable approaches to recovery of Eastern region of Uk...
Start Date: Apr 2016
Establishment of Knowledge center of sustainable development practices in Ukraine
Start Date: Apr 2016
Recultivation of lands affected by illegal extraction of natural resources on significant biodiver...
Start Date: Dec 2016
Projet de conservation de la biodiversité de la mangrove du terroir de Bettenty dans la Réserve de...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Community empowerment and sustainable livelihoods through the Barnes Hill Community Reservoir Resto...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Cultivation and production of wild berries in high-mountainous communities in the context of conserv...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Projet de Contribution à l’Amélioration de la Diversité Biologique dans l’AMP de Gandoul.
Start Date: Nov 2016
Promoting Climate Smart Innovative Argo-ecology for biodiversity conservation, climate change mitiga...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Reducing biodiversity loss and mitigating climate change impacts for resilient ecosystems and sustai...


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