Trinidad and Tobago Grantee Wins Prestigious Prize
The prestigious Zayed International Prize for the Environment was awarded to Mrs. Angela Cropper, co-founder and president of the Cropper Foundation, an SGP grantee in Trinidad and Tobago. Mrs. Cropper won the 2006 category for Environment Action Leading to Positive Change in Society. SGP Trinidad more
Community Based Coral Reef Monitoring Project in Barbados
The "Barbados Advocate" reports on launch of the SGP project at the Folkestone Marine Park. The goal of the project is to establish a mechanism for community participation in the monitoring and management of the only established marine reserve in Barbados. Read full article from the more
Books Funded by SGP Launched in Mauritius
During the week-end of November 26, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) launched two books which have been funded under the GEF SGP The Native Plants & Animals of Mauritius and A guide to the plants in Mauritius. The launching ceremony was performed by the Minister of Education more
Por Un Mejor Ambiente Y Una Mejor Vida
Maisí, Guantánamo. - (NOTICIAS de las Naciones Unidas) - Rehabilitar una minihidroeléctrica aquí, en "Los Gallegos" – comunidad de montaña en Maisí, Guantánamo, en el extremo más oriental de Cuba--, rescatar la cría de la cabra criolla en Jiguaní e instalar cocinas more
Community Taking Charge of its Future
On August 28th, Residents of Bon Air North (Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago) came together to celebrate the spirit of their community, their achievements and to discuss the next step forward. As part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) project, The Cropper Foundation, in partnership with more
Three Awards for Senegalese Projects
Three SGP projects won awards during the Grand Prix of the President of the Republic of Senegal earlier this year. Projects that were awarded: 1st Prize: Projet de Promotion d'une Gestion Communautaire intégrée et Durable de l'écosystème de Mangrove dans la région de Ziguinchor Objectifs du more
Endangered Baby Seal Saved by SGP-Funded NGO in Mauritius
A baby seal is being helped back to its natural habitat by the SGP grantee 'Reef Conservation Mauritius'. After a voyage of more than 3 800 kilometers from the Antarctic, the exhausted baby seal stranded on the beaches of the tropical island of Mauritius in the beginning of August. The more
Mt. Kenya Communities Play Key Role in Return of Endangered Bongo Antelopes
Eighteen mountain bongo antelopes, a critically endangered species, arrived safely in Mt. Kenya National Park last month from the United States via a special plane through an unprecedented international partnership that hinges on local communities. The wild bongo population was decimated more
Repatriation of the Mountain Bongo Antelope to Mt. Kenya World Heritage Site
The mountain bongo (Boocercus eurycerus isaaci) is a flagship species for one of the world's richest forest ecosystems, adjacent to the highest priority plant-diversity hotspot, the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya. This shy bovid is a visually striking, well-recognized ambassador for East more
Preserving Urban Biodiversity: Community Conservation at Kota Kinabalu's Likas Bird Sanctuary
"At Likas the students see more things," she said. "At the lagoon they saw only birds. Here there are mangroves, crabs, mudskippers." Though it covers a mere 24 hectares, and is bordered by homes, apartment buildings and a sports complex, the Likas Sanctuary provides refuge for a rainbow of more


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