Lesotho Dumpsite to milk photoSGP Lesotho has supported grantee partner Liphamola Dairy Farmers Association (LDFA) since 2012 in its initiative to transfer into a dairy farming a piece of land that was previously used as waste dumping site.

The success of LDFA in implementing GEF SGP funded projects: “Demonstration and promotion of sustainable rangeland resources management in Mokhotlong” and “Dumpsite Rehabilitation for Reduction of Adverse Impacts of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Mokhotlong Town”, attracted business partner to invest in this initiative. Now the dairy farm produces 160 to 200 liters a day.

This cooperation of local community, SGP Lesotho, and private sector is highlighted in the recent article: “Dump site turned into a land of milk and honey” published by UNDP Lesotho in its webpage.

Article states : “The LDFA is testimony to the fact that the GEF SGP acts as an incubator of projects that can turn into big multi-million Maloti ventures that not only sustain livelihoods but that also safeguard the environment for posterity.”

Full UNDP Lesotho article can be found in this link.