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ICCA-GSI contributes to Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and resources at the 2018 UNFPII event 30 April 2018
  The 17th Session of the United Nations Permananent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNFPII) was held at the UN Secretariat headquarters in New York on 17-26 April 2018, focusing on the theme “Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and resources”. At the 17th session, Forum members followed a different format than the previous UNFPII annual meetings. The first ...read more
Dump site turned into a land of milk and honey 05 April 2018
SGP Lesotho has supported grantee partner Liphamola Dairy Farmers Association (LDFA) since 2012 in its initiative to transfer into a dairy farming a piece of land that was previously used as waste dumping site. The success of LDFA in implementing GEF SGP funded projects: “Demonstration and promotion of sustainable rangeland resources management in Mokhotlong” and “Dumpsite Rehabilitation ...read more
Revitalizing the Belize National Indigenous Council (BENIC) to address today’s IP challenges 30 March 2016
   26-27 March 2018, Belmopan, BELIZE - As contextual challenges and opportunities for Belize’s indigenous peoples (IPs) continue to emerge and change, SGP organized a workshop to evaluate the functionality of the Belize National Indigenous Council (BENIC).     BENIC was established in 1998 as the focal institution to represent IP collective rights on ...read more
Knowledge Fair in Camagüey Botanical Gardens, Cuba 23 March 2018
The Small Grants Programme has been executing projects in Cuba since 2005, and to date SGP Cuba has developed and executed 134 projects at the national level, focusing on local communities. SGP’s main objective is to transfer best practices to communities and to increase capacity at the local level on issues of sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy sources, as ...read more
Pilawary Farm: Organic agriculture as a pathway to a secure income for Afghan women 08 March 2018
This year, on International Women’s Day, the global community celebrates Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives. In alignment with the theme of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, March 8 will focus on the rights and activism of rural women. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, rural women make up nearly a quarter of the global ...read more
SGP Saint Lucia - Sea Weed for sale 05 March 2018
 Project "The Removal and Utilization of Sargassum from the East Coast of Saint Lucia to create organic compost for the farming industry"   supported by GEF SGP Saint Lucia   was featured in the  January 2018 publication of  Inflight Magazine of Caribbean Airways.  The SGP funded project helped to solve the negative impact of the build-up of ...read more
Conserving Big Cats: Communities protecting the majestic jaguars in Bolivia 01 March 2018
World Wildife Day was first observed in 2014, as a way to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of life in our planet and bring awareness to the ever-growing loss of biodiversity caused by human activities. The main culprits of habitat loss are unsustainable land management, pollution, deforestation, and desertification. This year the theme is “Big Cats: Predators under ...read more
Sustainable management of Bon Bo trees for livelihoods security in Nghe An, Vietnam 22 February 2018
Que Phong is a mountainous district northwest of Nghe An province, in Vietnam. The district consists of productive, agricultural land and is also the most forested district in Nghe An province. The highly biodiverse Pu Hoat Nature Reserve, a recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is located within the district, spanning an area of 85,770 hectares. The district is also home to a number of ethnic ...read more
Agroforestry as a means for sustainable forest management and food security 22 January 2018
Forty years ago, a community in Tavaí, Paraguay started noticing changes to their natural environment. Trees were being razed down for export, used in coal production, or cleared to make space for large monocultural plantations. Later, a coal production facility was installed near Tavaí, with subsequent increases in local deforestation. This lead to a change in the local climate and increased ...read more
GEF SGP China support on ICCA recognized on "China Weekly" 11 January 2018
China mainstream media "China Weekly", dedicated the cover page of its December 2017 issue to GEF SGP China work to support ICCA. In addition this issue dedicated a special article highlighting 5 case studies of the support SGP China provided to 5 ICCA communities in Qunan Village, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Laozhai village of Guizhou province, Mt. Laojunshan the core area of World Natural ...read more