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SGP Ecuador - Informative bulletin December 2014 06 April 2016
SGP Ecuador prepares and publishes its on line informative bulletin. December 2014 of this bulletin can be accessed ...read more
SGP Ecuador - Informative bulletin November 2014 06 April 2016
SGP Ecuador prepares and publishes  its on line informative bulletin. November 2014 of this bulletin can be accessed ...read more
SGP Ecuador - Informative bulletin October 2014 06 April 2016
SGP Ecuador prepares its on line informative bulletin. October 2014 of this bulletin can be accessed ...read more
SGP Ecuador - Informative bulletin September 2014 06 April 2016
SGP Ecuador prepares its on line informative bulletin. September 2014 of this bulletin can be accessed ...read more
SGP Armenia - Improving Energy Resilience in Armenia’s Communities 06 April 2016
  Transition to energy resilience through raising energy efficiency in educational institutions of Stepanavan town The problem Due to its geographic conditions and socio-economic situation, Armenia is acutely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Despite a lack of fossil carbon energy resources, Armenia has immense solar potential as well as a number of energy ...read more
SGP Morocco - The ecological sanitation project in “France 24 television” 06 April 2016
SGP funded project "The ecological sanitation project"  was featured in the article as part of the initiative "observers for the climate" launched by France 24, in order to showcase local initiatives in climate change. You can  access the article here.  The project MOR/SGP/OP5/Y2/STAR/LD/13/06  is located in Draa Valley (Biosphere Reserve of southern oasis in Morocco) ...read more
Afghanistan - Cleaning up the Streets in Bamyan 29 March 2016
Bamyan, July 2015 — Due to an upsurge in urban migration, new townships are appearing all across Afghanistan. But how do the residents in these new towns dispose of their waste? In Bamyan’s Zargaran Township, a solution has been found by the Green Afghanistan Association (GAA), a local NGO supported by UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme. It’s cheap and simple: they’ve put rubbish bins on the ...read more
Afghanistan - Forest Preservation at a Remote Area in Badakhshan Province Generates Rural Livelihoods 29 March 2016
A forest that blankets a mountain along the Kishim River in Tagab district of northeastern Badakhshan province and where wild animals, rare plants and a variety of natural fruit trees inhabit has been preserved. Behind this success is Rural Green Environment Organization (RGEO), which, as a result, has been able to generate livelihood opportunities for rural communities dwelling near the forest. ...read more
Afghanistan - Preserving a Pristine Landscape in Bamyan 29 March 2016
Bamyan, August 2015 — Jawzari lies in pristine foothills of central Afghanistan’s Baba Mountains, about 15 kilometres south of Bamyan City. It’s an area of great beauty and environmental significance that needs to be preserved – but in a way that protects the livelihoods of Jawzari’s several isolated farming communities who depend on local rangeland for food, fire, water and ...read more
Afghanistan - Green Energy and Clean Water Improve Lives in a Village 28 March 2016
Sang-e-Nawishta, Nov 2015 – Sang-e-Nawishta is only a short drive from the centre of Kabul, but until a few months ago the villagers who live here had no running water or electricity.They had to drink from a polluted canal at the foot of the village. Their children couldn’t study after dark. People got sick. Children fell behind at school.Now, thanks to UNDP and the Global Environment ...read more