This project allowed us to care for our farmers and to fight against food insecurity while also improving income.
Mr. Lucas Agbanaglo
Grantee and Executive Director, Centre de Recherche-action pour l’Environnement et le Développement Intégré (CREDI)
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 2008
# of Projects 85
Total Grant Amount US$ 2,371,579
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 349,825
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 1,010,327

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications
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June 2014 - Equator Prize 2014

The receiver of this Award is SGP grantee partner SONGOU-MAN (Association des Pépiniéristes et Planteurs de Tone –Ouest). 

SONGOU-MAN (Association des Pépiniéristes et Planteurs de Tone –Ouest) has implemented the GEF SGP funded project TGO/SGP/OP4/Y3/CORE/2010/06

2012 - Equator Award

Comité Villageois de Développement de Ando Kpomey wins Equator Award for 2012.

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Mr. Koffi Eli Atri
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (228) 2221 69 36
Fax:+ (228) 2221 16 41
Ms. Mansah Lydia Atiogbe
Programme Assistant
Phone: +228 22 21 69 36
Fax: +228 22 21 16 41


94, Rue Agbata , Lomé B.P. 911