Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1993
# of Projects 263
Total Grant Amount US$ 5,737,401
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 5,069,688
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 3,533,589

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications

Sea, my life: a voyage to UNDP-supported marine protected areas around the world" that features case studies of GEF financed projects.Our work in supporting communities in the protection of marine and coastal areas is featured in two chapters: "The people's reef, Community stewardship of marine heritage in Belize" that highlights our work in the Belize Reef Barrier.The other one is the "The Ripple Effect: Partnerships for marine conservation in Turkey" showcasing our work in the establishment of the first "no fishing zones in Turkey.

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Examples of Successful Projects
Rehabilitation of East Mediterranean Algae and Ecosystem
Rehabilitation of East Mediterranean Algae and Ecosystem via Creating a ‘No Take Zone’ in Gökova

Goal: Conservation of the marine biodiversity and the algae loss in the east Mediterranean seabed
Main Activities: Awareness raising and establishment of "No Take" zones
Key Results: 6 no fishing areas established

Clean Energy Technologies Promotion Vehicle - “The ECOCARAVAN"

Goal: Awareness raising on alternative uses of renewable energy sources.
Main Activities: Demonstration of clean technologies via a caravan equipped with solar panels, a wind turbine and hydrogen cells.
Key Results: The caravan travelled to 21 cities, 13 countries and received considerable attention of Local and Greater Municipalities and Chambers. Turkish Red Crescent Society (for mobile blood banks), 3 municipalities (for vehicle for disaster management) and bus production companies were specifically interested and negotiations go for the first orders.

Method Identification and Dissemination of Multi-purpose Energy Forestry Applications

Goal: Sustainable management of forests for energy provision and other purposes.
Main Activities: Methodology development for energy forestry and use of non-timber products.
Key Results: Results shared with decision makers in over 25 regional meetings, publications produced and distributed effectively and awaiting legislative improvements.

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Country Impact

SGP projects supported , documented and influenced:

  • At national level: legislative initiatives on date palm protection and regulation on grazing in arid areas

  • At local level: biodiversity conservation in date palm sector

Successful projects scaled up and replicated:

  • Use of oasis drain salty water in combating desertification

  • Prevention of abusive grazing in arid areas

  • Biodiversity diversification in oasis ecosystems

  • Traditional fisheries preserved around islands

  • Innovative technique for combating desertification

SGP activity in figures:

  • 5 oasis protected, rehabilitated or sustainably managed

  • Over 10 local and adapted species reintroduced at community level

  • Over 50,000ha of grasslands preserved with arid biodiversity well developed

2014 - Equator Prize 2014

Awarded in June 2014 to "Underwater Research Society" ( now named changed to  "Mediterranean Conservation Society").  SGP funded project that have been implemented by grantee partner : TUR/SGP/OP4/RAF/08/02/06

2013 - Whitley Award donated by The William Brake Charitable Trust

Awarded in May 2013 to SGP partner grantee "Mediterranean Conservation Society" (formerly known as "Underwater Research Society") and Kuzey Doga Society. 

SGP Projects implemented by the partner grantees:

"Rehabilitation of East Mediterranean Algea and Ecosystem via Creating a ‘No Take Zone’ in Gökova" and

"Research on Carnivore’s of Kars and Prevention of Human-Predator Conflicts via Wild Life Tourism

2013 - BBC Wildlife Camera Trap Award

Awarded  to partner grantee " Wildlife Research Association" for SGP project "Save Myomimus roachi" TUR/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/BD/13/19

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Ms. Gokmen Argun
National Coordinator
Phone:+ 90-312 4541131
Fax:+ 90-312 4961463
Email: gokmen.argun@undp.org


Birlik Mah. 2. Cad. No.11 Cankaya , Ankara , RBEC 06610