We have heard about global warming and are glad to know that we are doing something to curb environmental degradation.
Ms. Jane Rose
Grantee and Grantee Chairperson of Kirewa Women’s Forum

Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1996
# of Projects 230
Total Grant Amount US$ 7,254,811
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 2,447,702
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 3,533,649

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications
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Examples of Successful Projects
Musambwa Island Conservation Project
Musambwa Island Conservation Project

Goal: To protect the breeding grounds of migratory birds
Main Activities: Participatory development of bye-laws and ordinance for the protection of Musambwa Island as a bird sanctuary
Key Results: Protection of largest breeding colony of the Grey Headed Gull in Africa

Senyi Eco-Sanitation Project

Goal: To establish and maintain a reliable supply of (piped) potable safe water, toilet facilities, and hand washing facilities
Main Activities: Build a gravity-flow water system, rainwater collection & storage, water-borne toilets and hygiene education
Key Results: Senyi fish landing site satisfies the international hygiene regulations and is leading source of Uganda's fish exports.


Minani Fruit Tree Project

Goal: To promote sustainable and profitable land management
Main Activities: Training and supporting farmers in growing export quality fresh mangoes
Key Results: 240 hectares under sustainable land care as mango orchards. Initial commercial harvests yielded fresh mangoes sold by local project beneficiaries earning US$ 37,696 in 2008 & US$ 131,578 in 2009

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Country Impact

SGP projects supported , documented and influenced:

  • At national level: Ordinance enacted declaring Musambwa Island a bird sanctuary, recommendation made by parliamentary committee to include energy saving stove/technology among basic requirements and minimum standards for boarding schools, Lakes Bisina, Opeta & Nakua designated as Ramsar Sites

  • At local level: Bye-laws passed by local governments in the shea belt for protection of shea nut trees in savannah grasslands

Successful projects scaled up, replicated or won award:

  • Community-Based Conservation for Wetlands Biodiversity (COBWEB), a GEF Medium size project is a replication and scale-up of SGP's Katonga Wetland Conservation Project which had an important impact in raising awareness regarding the significance of wetlands as biodiversity hot-spots in semi-arid areas

  • Kibale Association for Rural & Environmental Development (KAFRED) won the UNDP Equator Prize for the second time in 2010 for the Conservation & Community Development Project

2010 - Equator Initiative Award

Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development undertakes sustainable ecotourism activities in Kibale National Park with the aim of protecting the area's biodiversity and promoting sustainable local livelihoods. The conservation of both natural and cultural resources, the promotion of conservation education, and the channeling of ecotourism revenues into community development (including education, health and sanitation projects) are central features of KAFRED's work. A walking tour offered through Magombe Swamp has proved a sustainable income-generating project while also providing a platform for the protection of a valuable wetland and its unique endemic species. Music, dance and drama are performed at community schools to promote public awareness of local environmental and cultural values.


Mr. Abu-baker S. Wandera
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (256-41) 346454/349549
Fax:+ (256-41) 250851/344801
Mr. John Stephen Okuta
Programme Assistant


UNDP, PLOT 11 Yusuf Lule Road, P.O. Box 7184 , Kampala