Viet Nam

Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1996
# of Projects 214
Total Grant Amount US$ 6,261,554
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 1,735,901
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 4,068,329

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Country Impact

Innovation and Piloting - Upscaling/replication:

  • Providing models for poverty and environment - Contributing to the implementation of related laws/policies and national programmes (NTP, BD Action Plan, NAP)

  • Testing innovative ideas/technologies (2 national VIFOTEC prize), 6 WB prize on Innovation Day, 12 local environmental awards, 12 CC community-based adaptation

  • BD work in many national parks areas (25) and outside protected areas, and most World Heritage sites

  • Linking with big national programmes/projects (UNDP Viet Nam portfolio (UN REDD, DRM and CC adaptation, CC mitigation and LD&D), UNEP SCSs, UNDP PEMSEA, CBA)

  • 25 technical guidelines developed and widely used

Policy Influence

  • Providing 18 case studies for evidence-based research/studies and law/policy making (Law on tourism, law on energy efficiency, law on biodiversity)

  • 4 policies/regulations approved by the provincial authorities which are potential for reference cross provinces and can influence national policy.

  • Promoting community-based approaches (contribution to the establishment of community-based protected areas and BD outside the official protected areas (5).

  • Bringing the views and voice of concerns from CSOs and local communities and people to policy making

  • CSOs development and strengthening, and networking

  • Strong working partnership with broad stakeholders




Mrs. Huyen NGUYEN
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (84 24) 38500150
Fax:+ (84-24) 37265520
Ms. Nguyen Hai Yen
Programme Assistant
Phone:+ (84 24) 38500155
Fax:+ (84-24) 37265520


One Green UN house, 304 Kim Ma district , Hanoi 100000