The support, open communication, close monitoring, and continuous availability to discuss problems and quick responses for any decision, made the difference between SGP and any other donor.
Ms. Daniela Calendatu
Grantee and Executive Director of ARDC
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date / Close Date 2004 / 2013
# of Projects 92
Total Grant Amount US$ 3,076,646
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 1,956,372
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 1,329,013

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Examples of Successful Projects
Sustainable Use of Mountain hayfields
Sustainable Use of Mountain hayfields

Goal: Facilitate the sustainable use of hay meadows
Main Activities: Biodiversity inventory, Integrated Mgt. Plan, Best Practices Guide
Key Results: Inventory/Management Plan influenced local policy; project became a model -- won award from the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

More light with less CO2 emission

Goal: Reduce the CO2 emissions through energy efficiency and use of EE
Main Activities: Replace the old public lighting system with energy efficient lighting bodies (LED) and/or with lighting system using solar energy.
Key Results: 590,000 kg CO2 emissions reduced, 2 new technologies promoted, a model for all rural communities from Valea Nirajului (12 communes with approx 40,000 inhabitants).

Integrated management/conservation of the Mara basin

Goal: Protection of international waters in the Upper Tisza catchments
Main Activities: Mapping the agricultural practices and pollution monitoring
Key Results: Establishment of special protection statute for Mara river, improved water quality of Tisa, influenced local regulations

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Country Impact

SGP projects supported , documented and influenced:

  • At national level: 2 legislative initiatives on abusive fishing in the Danube Delta and 5 regulations on the renewable energy sources (Green House programme)

  • At local level: 3 decisions on eco-tourism, 9 decisions on waste and land management; 26 decisions regarding the establishment of Natura 2000 Sites, Natural Parks, protected areas of local interest, biodiversity conservation:

Successful projects scaled up and replicated:

  • Use of RES (saw dust and solar energy)

  • Prevention of abusive forest cuts

SGP activity in figures:

  • Globally significant species protected: 361

  • Areas protected, rehabilitated or sustainably managed: over 300,000ha of globally significant biodiversity; 25,000ha of grasslands; 60,000 ha of forests

2012 - Energy Globe National Award of Romania

Won by Terra Mileniul III Foundation. The project "Sustainable use of biomass for energy purposes", implemented between January 2010 – March 2011, capitalized on biomass derived from agricultural waste in Vlad Tepes village, Calarasi county. The project implemented a sustainable solution for heating (briquetting installation, 200 tones of briquettes produced annually) in a pilot location with due consideration to continuity by involving local authorities and private sector in the process. The project also laid the grounds for reaching a multiplier effect in the community, by raising awareness and interest in using renewable energies (straw) as a way to fight climate change effects (6 public buildings and 100 household heated with the briquettes), ensuring demand for energy produced out of vegetable biomass, and involving the community itself in making decisions to increase the weight of renewable energy use at local level.