Vegetation of Degraded Watershed and Establishment of Fruit Orchards
Illegal cutting continued in Pistaciatum verm and Juniperatum zones in upper Mountain which both as natural sentinels have provided natural protective mechanism for the conservation of environment.
Converting of rangelands in to rain fed agriculture and shifting cultivation are also continuing as destructive factors against environment. Other notorious illegal activities carried for the collection of Glycerhizia glubra and tamarix from the river banks.
The natural habitat of wildlife including birds and fishes have been exterminated by uncontrolled hunting which all have their effects on creation of unbalanced ecosystem for instance before 1978 deer were frequently coming down to Farmanqullie village in Badakhshan but currently because of destruction of their shelters deer disappeared.
Dreadful floods due to the degradation of upper mountain, vegetation uncontrolled collection of medicinal plants and herbs badly spoiled the slopes and caused soil erosion.
Under this project indegenious trees will be planted and vegetable gardens will be established for community use which will improve children, women and men health. It will help the protection of biodiversity in the area.

Project Snapshot

Grantee: Rural Green Environment Organization
Country: Afghanistan
Area Of Work: Biodiversity
Land Degradation
Operational Phase: Phase 4
Grant Amount: US$ 49,797.00
Co-Financing Cash: US$ 52,165.00
Co-Financing in-Kind: US$ 8,756.00
Project Number: AFG/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/13/06
Start Date: 7/2013
End Date: 7/2014
Status: Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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Grantee Contact

MR Ahmad Seyer
Phone: +93 799 556 332


Mashad Main streect
Keshem center ,

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Aimal Khan Khaurin
Phone: +93 728 999 804
Karima Delijam
Phone: +93 728 999 807


UNDP Country Office, UNOCA Complex, Jalalabad Road,