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Amsing Case study
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Amsing Case study

Amsing Association was eatsbalished by the villagers of Elmoudaa – an Amazirght (Berber) community located in the High Atlas Mountains – to address economic isolation, a lack of social services, and harsh climatic conditions. The association has successfullyreintroduced a traditional land management practice called ‘azzayn’ which bans herders from grazing their livestock on protected lands. The reintroduction of this regulatory system has allowed native grasses and shrubs to thrive, reduced soil erosion, and helped prevent flooding.

The association has also led a number of infrastructure projects to promote community-based adaptation to climate change. A ‘water chateau’ stores fresh water for use in times of drought or when floods wash away irrigation ditches, while a water tower provides local residents with access to clean drinking water. In addition to upgrading the community irrigation system, the association has expanded greenhouse farming to explore new crops and improve food security.

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