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Start Date: Dec 2011
Promoting Integrated Pest Management And Alternatives To The Use Of The Pops Pesticides For Controll...
Start Date: Dec 2011
“Say No to Chemicals in Our Environment”
Start Date: Nov 2011
Promoção de Práticas Agro ecológicas na Horticultura em Ribeira da Cruz
Start Date: Sept 2010
Adding Value to Waste and Developing Community / Ruam Paed Phatthana Community
Start Date: Sept 2010
Green Ways / Northern Organic Standard Association
Start Date: Sept 2010
Participatory Waste Management / Songkhla Community Natural Resources and Environment Protection Vo...
Start Date: Sept 2010
Promoting and Instilling Awareness for Waste Management /Communities of Cholburi ICM
Start Date: Jul 2010
Community-based Biodiversity Conservation Project in Mts. BAnahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape
Start Date: Jun 2010
Raising Awareness on "un safe" Use of Pesticides and Chemical Compost
Start Date: May 2010
The Implementation and use of Bio-Engineering Techniques geared towards the Management of Water ways...
Start Date: Mar 2010
Public Awareness and Journalists Capacity Building on Reducing the Impact of POPs
Start Date: Dec 2010
Sustainable home based agriculture/floriculture to reduce POPs
Start Date: Oct 2010
Promoting organic agriculture: the answer to land degradation and POPs among farmers in the district...
Start Date: Jan 2010
Renewable Energy for Community Economy Development
Start Date: Sept 2009
Awareness raising on POPs and toxic chemicals for risk reduction in Hayanist, Khachpar, Fantan, Kagh...