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Start Date: Apr 2017
Conservaci?n y aprovechamiento sostenible de los medios de vida del paisajes terrestre y paisaje mar...
Start Date: Apr 2017
Solid and Medical Waste Management in 8 Community Health Centers (CHC) and Host their Community
Start Date: Mar 2017
Start Date: Feb 2017
Establishing local tools in Municipality of Zelenikovo to become a municipality without waste, throu...
Start Date: Feb 2017
Innovative local pilot testing tools for selection, collection and recycling of PET plastic waste fr...
Start Date: Dec 2017
Community waste management, climate smart sustainable agriculture and Livelihood development
Start Date: Jan 2017
Reducing waste plastic and recycling PET plastic waste from households in Municipality of Gevgelija
Start Date: Sept 2016
Alternatives to use of synthetic pesticides in vegetable production among women farmers in the Centr...
Start Date: Sept 2016
Promoting the use of organic manure and locally produced pesticides to maximise farm incomes among v...
Start Date: Jul 2016
Msunduzi Integrated Catchment and River Health Situated Learning Programme for Unemployed Post-Matri...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Promoting Climate Smart Innovative Argo-ecology for biodiversity conservation, climate change mitiga...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Promoting mercury management among artisanal miners and processing of plastic waste into fuel in Wak...
Start Date: Oct 2016
R?duction des risques des pop et des m?taux lourds (mercure et plomb) dans les paysages de l?estuair...
Start Date: Sept 2015
Eradication of the use of harmful chemicals in organic food production
Start Date: Jul 2015
Empowering Barbadian Communities to Go Green Through Local Organic Products