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Start Date: May 2005
Establishment of Environmentally and economically Sustainable Strategies for the processing of munic...
Start Date: May 2005
Model Ecosystem Management involving community in action ( MESMICA)
Start Date: Dec 2005
Expérimentation de l'agriculture biologique urbaine dans la commune de Yopogon.
Start Date: Oct 2005
Promotion of Organic Farming for Conservation of Community Environment
Start Date: Oct 2005
Vrindavan Kuda Prabhandan Pariyojana
Start Date: Sept 2004
Educating and training for bio-medical waste management & handling
Start Date: Sept 2004
To protect poor Farmers from Chrome-VI Menace through Remediation of ground water and soil affected ...
Start Date: Feb 2004
Developing a demonstration model to treat pesticide stocks and after-used containers, contributing t...
Start Date: Jan 2004
Raising and providing awareness to the public and stakeholders on persistant organic pollutants and ...