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Start Date: Sept 2015
Eradication of the use of harmful chemicals in organic food production
Start Date: Jul 2015
Empowering Barbadian Communities to Go Green Through Local Organic Products
Start Date: Dec 2015
Climate Justice by Your Hands
Start Date: Nov 2015
Better Life Gardening Project
Start Date: Nov 2015
Kainake community and conservation Park
Start Date: Nov 2015
Prevention of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Onandjaba/Okalongo settlement area
Start Date: Jul 2014
Introduction of waste management and recycling systems in small towns of Ukraine
Start Date: Jul 2014
Reducing the use and abuse of plastic bags through replacing them with reusable cloth bags made of r...
Start Date: Jun 2014
Lutte contre la pollution environnementale par le plaidoyer et le recyclage des sachets plastiques...
Start Date: Mar 2014
Leadership Trees and Bottle Garden Project
Start Date: Mar 2014
Reducing of emission of PoPs with reducing of plastic packages with recycling in Gevgelija and Bogda...
Start Date: Dec 2014
Commercialization of Waste Paper Cladding Tiles
Start Date: Dec 2014
Dumpsite Rehabilitation for Reduction of Adverse Impacts of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Mokhotl...
Start Date: Jan 2014
Fighting Generation of Polyethylene-Dioxin-Furan in Kharagauli Municipality
Start Date: Aug 2013
Cultivation of Artemisia (Artemisia annua Anamed), by Women Farmer Groups to enhance phasing out of...