Climate Change Mitigation
Energy Efficient Stoves for Rural Thailand: Less Carbon Dioxide, More Trees
During the first half of 2000, the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Development taught farmers from seven villages in the Tambol Mae Tha area of the Sunsai District, north of Chiang Mai, how to make energy efficient clay stoves. Those small stoves were an instant hit with local women, more
Environmentally Friendly Electricity for Flor de Mayo, Bolivia
"We´re so happy," said Flora Huanca, who'd never had electricity in her life before last year. "We used to arrive from the fields as it was getting dark, and I had to make dinner with a kerosene lamp." Ten-year-old Nando Arequipa, who was summoned by his teacher to recount how electrical more
Isolated Kenyan Village Gets Connected
Eventually, they will get an Internet connection for virtually unlimited scope of possibilities. Ignoring the scorching midday heat, hundreds of villagers—husbands, wives and teenagers—struggle to control the waters of the local Tungu River in preparation for the micro hydro development. more
"Lighting Up": Community Action, Global Impact
To build on their initial success, SGP, the Small Grants Programme funded by the Global Environment Facility and administered by the United Nations Development Programme, made three grants - to ADESOL, the Society for Integral Development for the Northeast and Social Services of Dominican more