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Communities and REDD+
Country: Mexico  

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Cuba SGP Case Study
Country: Cuba  

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Cultivating Tara Trees to Prevent Landslides in Lima


The project is located in Lima’s El Agustino district – a densely populated urban area of approximately 180,000 inhabitants. The banks of river Rímac had suffered from extensive land degradation and illegal garbage disposal, which increased the risk of landslides and pollution. One hundred local women organized themselves into a group called “Promotoras Ambientales” to rehabilitate the river banks and surrounding hills with Tara trees and other medicinal plants. An artificial wetland with a biofilter was also created to cleanse the water for irrigation. The project has enjoyed continued support from the district municipality. 

Country: Peru; Area of work: Biodiversity, Community Based Adaptation; Priority Group: Women  

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Developing Ecotourism in Salamansa, Cape Verde
Country: Cabo Verde; Area of work: International Waters; Type: Case Study; Region: Africa  

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