Case Studies
The Almanario: A Participatory Project Management Tool for Community-Based Organizations in Guatemala

The Almanario is a project planning and a budgeting tool that allows Civil Society Organizations (CBOs) with low literacy skills to develop their own project proposals to apply to SGP. The Al-manario methodology was designed to help CBOS have direct access and participation in development projects without the intervention of external organizations.

The Almanario functions as a project proposal format for SGP and as a planning tool for the community, detailing which activi-ties will take place, what materials are needed, what are the costs, while also appointing a person to be responsible for each of the activities proposed by the CBO.

However, the Almanario is much more than just a planning tool. Based on its empowering capacity and emphasis on reducing gender inequalities, the Almanario represents a new approach to involve stakeholders and beneficiaries, enabling them to lead their own projects and development processes.


Country: Guatemala; Priority Group: Women, Indigenous Peoples  

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Turkey SGP Case Study
Country: Turkey  

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