Sri Lanka

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Start Date: Feb 2019
Develop 100 acres of abandoned tea lands in the Medawatta Estate in Rattota as environmental servici...
Start Date: Jan 2019
Improve and maintain ecosystem services by strengthening participatory land use planning and managem...
Start Date: Aug 2018
A study of salt marshes and mangroves in the coastal area from Malwatuoya to Pooneryn in the Northwe...
Start Date: Jul 2018
Urban Fishing Cat Conservation Project
Start Date: Jun 2018
Rehabilitation and Sustainable Use of a Selected Wetland Agro Eco-system in Homagama DS Division
Start Date: May 2018
Protecting the Herpetofaunal Point Endemic Species for Strengthening the Conservation Status of the ...
Start Date: Apr 2018
An Initiative on Wetland Conservation and Livelihood Enhancement by a Youth Community Group
Start Date: Apr 2018
Biodiversity Conservation and Eco-System Enhancement in the Theligamu Oya Watershed
Start Date: Apr 2018
Biodiversity Conservation in Four Villages in the Knuckles Conservation Forest through Community Par...
Start Date: Apr 2018
Conserving the Ratna Ella Conservation Forest and Developing Eco-Tourism Activities for Community Li...
Start Date: Apr 2018
Cultivate 30ha of Barren Paddy Fields Abandoned for Decades, with Traditional Paddy Varieties and 10...
Start Date: Apr 2018
Giving Legal Status to the Mattegoda and Polgasowita Wetlands as Protected Areas
Start Date: Apr 2018
Habitat Restoration and Enrichment Project for the Heen Ela Marsh, Rajagiriya, Colombo
Start Date: Apr 2018
Promoting Biodiversity Conservation in 3 Villages, Minimizing Human-Animal Conflict and Developing E...
Start Date: Apr 2018
Promoting Home Stay Based Eco-Tourism through Sustainable Use of Coastal Biodiversity