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Start Date: Aug 2019
Raising awareness of local communities to preserve the Snow Leopard and its ecosystems on the territ...
Start Date: Jul 2018
Enhance capacity of Women-trekking guides for the development of local Tourism activities in mountai...
Start Date: Jan 2018
"Green Energy in Hissor"
Start Date: Jan 2018
Agroforestry and sustainable production of pistachios (Pista) in the Dangara district
Start Date: Dec 2016
"Development of ecotourism and creation of socio-ecological conditions for environme...
Start Date: Dec 2016
"Establishment of Fruit Processing and Fruit Drying Workshop for Women Society of Muminobod district...
Start Date: Dec 2016
Establishment of Basket production and fruit processing workshop for disabled people in Lyaksh distr...
Start Date: Dec 2016
“Building of Cellar facilities for storage of fruits and vegetables (orchard fruits and potato) in...
Start Date: Dec 2016
“Conservation and effective use of Bioderversity through sustainable use of natural resources in P...
Start Date: Dec 2016
“Conservation and effective use of pasturelands in Lyakhsh and Sangvor districts”
Start Date: Dec 2016
“Conservation of Forest landscape in South Mountain of Tajikistan”
Start Date: Oct 2016
Establishment of National Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy-Efficiency in Dushanbe city...
Start Date: Jun 2012
Conservation of Thugai forests to reduce CO2 emission. Promote community-forestation and reforestati...
Start Date: Jun 2012
Demonstration of best practices on SLM & SAD (organic farming) and promote energy-efficiency and ene...
Start Date: Jun 2012
Demonstration of best practices to local communities on cultivation, reproduction and marketing of w...


Mr. Khurshed Kholov
National Coordinator
Ms. Surayo Nazirova
Programme Assistant
Phone: (+992 44) 600 5590
1st passage, 5 Lohuti str,Dushanbe734025