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Start Date: Sept 2005
Solar Energy as an Alternative to Coal and Electricity for Heating and Hot Water Generation in Nesin...
Start Date: Mar 2005
Project Development For Re-Introduction of Linen Production in Bartin - Kozcağiz
Start Date: Dec 2005
Awareness Raising on Sturgeon Fishes, facing extinction
Start Date: Dec 2005
Participatory Eco-Tourism Managment in Beypazari - Inözü Valley, an Important Bird Area
Start Date: Dec 2005
Sustainable fishing and consumption of pearl mullet - 2nd phase
Start Date: Oct 2005
Project Planning for Kerkenes Eco-Centre: Promoting Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in ...
Start Date: Jan 2005
Acarlar Wetland Nature Education Centre and the Conservation Oriented Promotion of the Flooded Fores...
Start Date: Jan 2005
Awareness Raising and Sustainable Land Management in Sarayonu District
Start Date: Jan 2005
Awareness Raising for the Conservation of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) Nesting in Samandag Coast
Start Date: Jan 2005
Deadwood, Living Forest
Start Date: Jan 2005
Local Production of Plant Oils for Rural Use in Diesel Engined Agricultural Machines in Balaban
Start Date: Jan 2005
Patrnership on NGO Capacity Building, Project Guidance, Monitoring and Evaluation in Climate CHange ...
Start Date: Jan 2005
Promotion of Cultivation and Conservation of Tunceli Garlic (Allium tuncelianum) Project - Phase II
Start Date: Jun 2004
Environmentally Socially and Economically Sustainable Salt Extraction in Tuzla Lake (Kayseri)
Start Date: Feb 2004
Publication and Dissemination of Important Plant Areas Book (English and Turkish


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