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Start Date: Jan 2015
Solar Energy for Home Electrification in Joa’h, Hadibu district, Socotra
Start Date: Jul 2012
Pastoralists’ Livelihood Improvement in Shibiro, Diksam plateau, Socotra, Yemen
Start Date: Jul 2012
Spate Irrigation Efficiency Enhancement in Southern Canal of Wadi Mawr, Hodiedah Governorate
Start Date: Dec 2011
Improving rural trek roads for pedestrians and animal transport in Bura Protected Area
Start Date: Nov 2011
Bee-resources and Vegetation Cover Conservation on Socotra
Start Date: Nov 2011
Land and Water Resources conservation in Dyr Abker, Luhayyah District, Hodiedah Governorate
Start Date: Nov 2011
Rain-water Harvest for Biodiversity Conservation in Southern Momi, Socotra
Start Date: Jul 2010
Rain-water Harvest for improving community livelihood in Mayhah, Qalancia, Socotra
Start Date: Jul 2010
Rain-water harvest for rangeland improvement in Damqoot (Mahshakat), Hawf
Start Date: Jul 2010
Rain-water Harvest for the conservation of threatened Frankincense species, Hadibo District, Socotra
Start Date: Apr 2010
Safe anchouring and fisheries habitat' development in Halah-Socotra
Start Date: Jul 2009
Conservation of traditional Pastoral Systems, Hawf, Al-Mahrah Governorate
Start Date: Jul 2009
Pottery craft improvement project, Rahn, Hawf, Al-Mahrah Governorate;
Start Date: Jul 2009
Rainwater harvest in Harf Area, Myhah, Socotra;
Start Date: Jul 2009
Water Resources Improvement in Wadi Makik, Al-Ghaileen, Bura, Hodiedah Governorate


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Programme Assistant
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