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Start Date: Apr 2014
Safeguarding Katoonarib’s bush island forests through farming in the savannah
Start Date: Apr 2014
Sustainable Management of Kaburi Village Forest
Start Date: Feb 2014
Reducing deforestation in Aishalton Village through savannah farming
Start Date: Jan 2014
Community Led Mangrove Restoration: Towards Sustainable Management of Guyana’s Mangrove Forest
Start Date: Dec 2013
Building climate change resilience amongst the 21 communities of the Kanuku Mountains Protected Area...
Start Date: Dec 2013
Training of Ranger-Researchers in the South Rupununi, in collaboration with Conservation Leadership ...
Start Date: Oct 2013
Strengthening capacity to support local implementation of fisheries monitoring and management in the...


Mariscia Charles
National Coordinator
107-108 Duke Street, Kingston,Georgetown