Antigua and Barbuda

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Start Date: Sept 2018
1 Integrated solutions for waste, sanitation, housing and water
Start Date: Sept 2018
Lets Recycle Antigua
Start Date: Mar 2018
Antigua Sailing Week-Zero Waste Cup Initiative
Start Date: Mar 2018
Linking the history ,culture and heritage of the Sweetes community with the local Biodiversity
Start Date: Feb 2018
Adoptacoastline Youth Stewardship Program *Note: Originally ATG/SGP/OP6/Y3/CORE/BD/2017/07
Start Date: Nov 2017
Enhancing training opportunities, preserving traditional knowledge, with linkages to eco tourism an...
Start Date: Nov 2016
Community empowerment and sustainable livelihoods through the Barnes Hill Community Reservoir Resto...
Start Date: Jun 2015
Integrating Solar Energy Systems and tree planting in the educational curriculum
Start Date: Jun 2015
Solar Energy as an Innovation in Agro Processing
Start Date: Jun 2015
Youths lead community adaptation initiatives
Start Date: May 2015
Communities Adapting to Climate Change Training Program. Communities Adapting to Climate Chan...
Start Date: May 2015
Reducing Barbudan farmers’ vulnerability to increasingly severe flooding events due to climate cha...
Start Date: Jul 2014
Children's involvement and participation in Climate smart Agriculture, Water Harvesting Technology a...
Start Date: Apr 2014
Involving Youths in Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change in a School Garden Eco System in Antigu...
Start Date: Dec 2014
: Reducing Climate Risks of Young Smallholder Farmers through Greenhouse Agricultural Production and...


Ms. Shawna K. Natalya Lawrence
National Coordinator
Hodges Bay, P.O. Box W420,St John's, West Indies00000