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Start Date: Apr 2019
Biocultural Education and Research Programme
Start Date: Jun 2018
Substance Abuse Foundation - Renewable Energy Project
Start Date: Dec 2018
2019 SGP Barbados Knowledge Fair - Small Island Future Festival
Start Date: Nov 2018
Developing a mainstream aquaponic industry.
Start Date: Jan 2018
Biocultural Education and Research Programme of Barbados
Start Date: Dec 2017
Alternative Fisheries to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods in Barbados
Start Date: Jul 2016
Using vermiculture and composting to reconstitute Barbados Soils for Organic Farming
Start Date: Jun 2016
Engaging the community and building capacity for the Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL)
Start Date: Feb 2016
Ethno-Botanical-ECO Lab, (Eco-pharmacology and sustainable environmental ventures)
Start Date: Dec 2016
Protected areas conservation and management programme for young citizen scientists
Start Date: Dec 2016
Sustainable Inner City Transport
Start Date: Jan 2016
Strengthening Environmental Cohesion and Inclusion through Knowledge Transfer Action/2015
Start Date: Jan 2016
Undersea Heritage Museum
Start Date: Sept 2015
Eradication of the use of harmful chemicals in organic food production
Start Date: Sept 2015
Undersea Heritage Museum