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Start Date: Jan 2021
National policy dialogue(s) regarding the sustainability and upscaling of socio-ecological productio...
Start Date: Feb 2018
Sustainable cultivation of broom grass and promotion of agro-biodiversity in Semjong
Start Date: Dec 2018
Building Climate Resilient Community through Sustainable land and forest management in Thasa villag...
Start Date: Dec 2018
Piloting Gudeul (Traditional Korean Room Heating Technology) in classrooms to reduce dependence on o...
Start Date: Dec 2015
ex-post Landscape-wide Baseline Assessment for the Community Development and Knowledge Management fo...
Start Date: Dec 2014
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Buli Wetland
Start Date: Dec 2011
Biogas and water source Project
Start Date: Dec 2011
Community based Environmental Conservation through Sustainable land and Irrigation water usage in Bu...
Start Date: Dec 2011
Environmental conservation and critical watershed management
Start Date: Dec 2011
Improving Livelihoods and Environment through Preservation and Development of Traditional Mills and...
Start Date: Dec 2011
Up scaling of local Bee Keeping in Dovan village, Sarpang
Start Date: Aug 2009
Sustainable Land Management in Kothigaon to rehabilitate and protect the deteriorating dry land and ...
Start Date: Jul 2008
“Youth as Future Environmental Stewards” to educate the youth who in turn will educate the local...
Start Date: Jun 2008
“Nature Based Tourism and Information Networking in Trashiyangtse” to promote eco-tourism in Tra...
Start Date: Jun 2008
“Trail Distillation of Wintergreen and Artemisia” to promote people’s participation in environ...


Mr. Tshering Phuntsho
National Coordinator
Phone:+ 009752322424 (ext:330)
Mr. Tenzin Wangchuk
Programme Assistant
Phone:+ 009752322424
UN House, Peling Lam (Street), Kawajangsa, Thimphu, P.O. Box No. 162,Thimphu, Bhutan11001


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