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Start Date: Jun 2017
Climate Smart Agriculture with Youth in Urban Communities
Start Date: May 2014
Incorporating Environment Protection Measures and Alternatave Livelihood Activities for Climate Chan...
Start Date: Oct 2014
Empowering local events planner in "Greening" community events
Start Date: May 2013
Improving livelihoods & increasing food security in St. Marks with best practice in sustainable fish...
Start Date: May 2013
Rosalie/Grand Fond Vulnerability Capacity Assessment & Community Disaster Response Team training
Start Date: Oct 2013
Adapting to Climate change in the Community of Calibishie by Increasing Community Resilience to Floo...
Start Date: Oct 2013
Development of Salisbury Bay Facility to Increase livelihood opportunities while Sustaining the Ecol...
Start Date: Oct 2013
The Model 4H Agriculture Project as a Training and Demonstration Centre for Young 4H Clubites to gai...
Start Date: Oct 2013
Up-scaling the Toloma Women in Action Processing Plant for Increased Production to Meet Market Requi...
Start Date: Jul 2012
Conserving biodiversity and enabling climate change resilience in the coastal village of Calibishie ...
Start Date: Jul 2012
Rehabilitation of the threatened species of Grommier, and Bwa Bande in the Kalinago forest,and promo...
Start Date: Dec 2012
Apiculture Sub-Sector Research and Development Strategy
Start Date: Dec 2012
Community based Sea Turtle Conservation, management and eco tourism project on Londonderry beach
Start Date: Apr 2011
Processing Facility for Women Engaged in Production of Toloma
Start Date: Aug 2009
Giraudel Eggleston Flower Show Building


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