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Start Date: Nov 2012
Promoting the Use of Friendly Environment Solar Water Heaters
Start Date: Nov 2012
Roof Planting in Al Darb Al Ahmar
Start Date: Jun 2010
Lets Save Energy and Money
Start Date: Jun 2010
Promote a Culture of Using Sustainable Transports to Reduce Climate Change
Start Date: Jun 2010
Protecting Endangered Marine Turtles
Start Date: Jun 2010
Raising Awareness on "un safe" Use of Pesticides and Chemical Compost
Start Date: Jun 2010
Recycling Agricultural Waste into Compost to Protect the Climate and Improve the Lives of Bedouin
Start Date: Dec 2010
Lining Irrigation Canals in Qena Villages
Start Date: Sept 2009
Developing the Traditional Ovens
Start Date: Jun 2009
Disseminate the Concepts of Sustainable Transport
Start Date: Jun 2009
Raising awareness for the Persistent Organic Pollutants “POPs”
Start Date: Jun 2009
Sustainable Transport
Start Date: Jun 2009
Using the natural resources to protect the environment
Start Date: Dec 2009
Development of the Knowledge frame work of the GEF/SGP Egypt
Start Date: Dec 2009
Development of the White Desert Visitors Center


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