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Start Date: Dec 2007
Solar energy in our daily needs
Start Date: Jul 2006
Contribute to the protection of the international water of the Mediterranean Sea from pollution due ...
Start Date: Jul 2006
Enhacement of the Traditional Ovens in Minia
Start Date: Jul 2006
Protecting the Environment and reducing air pollution through dessemination of information about the...
Start Date: Jul 2006
Protecting the Environment and Reducing Air Pollution Through Dessemination of the use of Environmen...
Start Date: Feb 2006
Environment Protection and Use of Solar Energy
Start Date: Nov 2006
Dissemination of solar heater technology in Sharkia
Start Date: Nov 2006
Producing Compost from Recycling of Agriculture wastes
Start Date: Nov 2006
Protecting Children from Environmental Contaminants
Start Date: Jul 2005
Management of Waste Water in El Qarawi Village, El Behira
Start Date: Jul 2005
Protectiong water from pollution in Assiut
Start Date: Jul 2005
Utilization of Natural Resources to protect the Environment and reducing the air pollution in El- Mi...
Start Date: Jun 2005
Protecting International Waters by collecting and recycling used water in Nasseria
Start Date: Mar 2005
Suitable Technology Access for Local Environment
Start Date: Mar 2005
Upgrading Pottery ovens in Old Cairo District


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