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Start Date: Sept 2011
Sustainable land and water resources management in the arid zone of Southern Kazakhstan in terms of ...
Start Date: Jul 2010
Adaptation of pastoral cattle farming of Lepsi local community to the climate change
Start Date: May 2010
Demonstration sites on energy efficiency in Karaganda area schools
Start Date: Mar 2010
Demonstration of the Buleryan energy efficiency furnaces use for heating of premises as the method o...
Start Date: Aug 2009
Solar dryers and collectors use and distribution in Tolebiysky area, Southern Kazakhstan
Start Date: Jul 2009
Organization of the remote cattle breeding to decrease pressure on the pastures round the settlement...
Start Date: Jun 2009
Manul: biodiversity conservation and alternative livelihood development in terms of hunting
Start Date: Jun 2009
Revival of the traditional herd horse breeding in a steppe zone of Kazakhstan
Start Date: May 2009
Organization of pastoral management in Katon-Karagai village to minimize the land degradation
Start Date: Apr 2009
Autumnal/early spring fields and pastures irrigation as an adaptive mechanism for efficient use of w...
Start Date: Mar 2009
Adaptation of farmers’ agricultural practices in response to intensified climate aridization in Ak...
Start Date: Mar 2009
Adaptation of pastoral cattle farming of Lepsy local community to the climate change
Start Date: Mar 2009
Adaptation to the growing climate aridization through the climatically sustainable pastoral manageme...
Start Date: Mar 2009
Installation of solar mini-electric power stations to generate electricity for 5 farms in the South ...
Start Date: Mar 2009
Planting of forest protection belts to combat dry hot winds and retain snow and moisture as an effec...


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