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Start Date: Mar 2009
Sustainable Pastoral Management (Demonstration of raising productivity of the degraded wastelands, a...
Start Date: Feb 2009
Demonstration of practical approaches to restore the biodiversity of Jungar Alatau mountain range by...
Start Date: Dec 2009
Restoration of the deserted degraded pastures of the East Balkhash area
Start Date: Jun 2008
Demonstration of energy saving technologies introduction on the public objects in Almaty city
Start Date: Jun 2008
Development of the outrun cattle breading in Karaganda area through pastures water supply by using w...
Start Date: Jun 2008
Introduction of optimal technologies for creation of hayfields and pastures on the degraded long-fal...
Start Date: Jun 2008
Rehabilitation of the degraded pastures and rational arid pastures use of Umbet farming complex, Zad...
Start Date: Apr 2008
Implementation of environmentally-safe land degradation methods on the northern part of Alakol lake
Start Date: Mar 2008
Arrangement of the standing exposition about Altay-Sayan eco-area at the Environmental Museum of the...
Start Date: Mar 2008
Revival of traditional seasonal live-stock breading in a desert zone of Southern Kazakhstan through ...
Start Date: Nov 2008
Adaptation of farming practices to increasing temperatures and aridity in Akmola Oblast
Start Date: Nov 2008
Creation of substantive forage reserve on the rehabilitated degraded plough-land in the grain zone o...
Start Date: Nov 2008
Development of a special environmental route to implement the ecotourism concept within Alakol-Sasyk...
Start Date: Nov 2008
Liquidation of the consequences of irrational use of biological resources within important bird area...
Start Date: Nov 2008
Revival of the outrun cattle-breading and localization of the pastures degradation in a dry-steppe z...


Mrs. Yekaterina Yuchshenko
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (7-727) 3122089
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