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Start Date: Sept 2020
Removing barriers from upscaling Beekeeping and production of Wool and Mohair products in Lesotho
Start Date: Dec 2019
Development of the SGP OP 7 Country Programme Strategy for Lesotho
Start Date: Jun 2018
Capacity Development for GEF SGP OP6 Grantees in Mokhotlong and Qach’s Nek
Start Date: May 2018
Facilitation of Mountain Communities - Government Dialogues in Lesotho
Start Date: Apr 2017
Letseng-la-Terai Integrated Rangeland Management and Wetlands Rehabilitation Project
Start Date: Feb 2017
Capacity Development for Improved Honey Production
Start Date: Dec 2017
Application of biological and physical rehabilitation of the range land resources of Mofolaneng
Start Date: Dec 2017
Application of high-density grazing approach for improved rangeland condition and restoration of wet...
Start Date: May 2015
Tlokoeng Valley Biodiversity Conservation Project
Start Date: Nov 2015
SGP 6TH Operational Phase Country Ptogramme Strategy Development Process
Start Date: Dec 2014
Demonstration and Promotion of Clean Energy and Adaptation Technologies for Improved Household Agri...
Start Date: Dec 2014
Dumpsite Rehabilitation for Reduction of Adverse Impacts of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Mokhotl...
Start Date: Jul 2013
Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies
Start Date: Jul 2013
Sustainable Fodder Production and Livestock Feed Mixing: Building Resilience of Smallholder Dairy Fa...
Start Date: Dec 2013
Organization of the GEF-SGP Lesotho Best Practice and Knowledge Fair
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