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Start Date: Dec 2007
Cultivation of Old Variety of Rye and Its Adaptation to Sustain Traditional Crafts
Start Date: Aug 2006
Restoration of Natural Habitats of the Curonian Lagoon’s Coastal Zone in Rusne Island
Start Date: May 2006
Use of the Natural Resources in Forest Habitats of European Importance in Antaliepte
Start Date: Apr 2006
Husbandry Management by Reskutenai Community for Preservation of Rare Birds
Start Date: Mar 2006
Innovative Use of Wetlands for the Heating of Simnas along with Improvement of the State of Zuvintas...
Start Date: Dec 2006
Community Production of Straw Briquettes in Keturvalakiai
Start Date: Dec 2006
Preservation of Pavirsulis Wetland and Natural Meadows through Promotion of Agro Environmental Pract...
Start Date: Dec 2006
Protection of the Rare Birds in Kamaniai Strict Nature Reserve through the Development of the Public...
Start Date: Dec 2006
Protection of the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and Raising of Environmental Awareness in Rambynas R...
Start Date: Dec 2006
Restoration of Wetland Ecosystem in Aukstumala Strict Nature Reserve
Start Date: Sept 2005
Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive through Raising Environmental Awareness of Local ...
Start Date: Sept 2005
Protection of Species and Habitats of European Importance through Implementation of Environmental Ma...
Start Date: Sept 2005
Raising Youth Environmental Awareness through Art Means
Start Date: Sept 2005
Restoration of Degraded Areas and their Adaptation for the Protection of Species and Habitats in Zem...
Start Date: Jul 2005
Cultivation of traditional apiculture and protection of natural meadows in Musteika village