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Start Date: Dec 2015
Water Pollution in Kandoodhoo Farming
Start Date: Nov 2013
Restoration and Regeneration of Natural Vegetation - Reed (Hau) Project in Gdh. Fiyori - Phase II
Start Date: Apr 2012
Conservation of marine biodiversity through participation of local community, creating awareness on ...
Start Date: Nov 2012
Reducing loss of biodiversity from fuelwood use for making traditional ‘fish paste’ (rihaakuru) ...
Start Date: Nov 2012
Reducing pollution of marine and freshwater resources from land based sources
Start Date: Dec 2010
Fanaaru 2011 – Establishing a Network’
Start Date: Dec 2010
Sustainable home based agriculture/floriculture to reduce POPs
Start Date: Nov 2010
Land management in Vashafaru
Start Date: Nov 2010
Renewable energy street lighting for Alifushi


Ms. Fathimath Saeedha
National Coordinator
Phone:+ 960 3343217
UNDP, Aage (Bank of Ceylon Bldg), Boduthakurufaanu Magu,Malé, ASIA AND THE PACIFIC REGIONAL