Palestinian Authority

The photo galleries for projects within this country appear below with the most recent projects displaying first. Click on an image to view the project photo gallery.
Start Date: Feb 2009
Promoting utilization of solar energy in pumping irrigation water from collection pools
Start Date: Aug 2005
“Rashood” for raising community awareness in energy saving, energy efficiency practices and incr...
Start Date: May 2005
Promoting efficient wood ovens in the rural areas of Bait Lahia
Start Date: Nov 2005
Contributing to the rehabilitation of the Arid ecosystem in the Eastern slops of Za’atarh rural ar...
Start Date: Sept 2004
Utilizing solar energy for public lighting of the coastal bridge of Wadi Gaza by installing photovol...
Start Date: Dec 2004
Utilizing solar energy for drying agricultural crops in 3 villages in Hebron Governarates distributi...
Start Date: Nov 2004
Minimizing the environmental damaging impact of car tires wastes by reusing old tires to establish t...
Start Date: Nov 2004
Promoting eco-tourism in five rural areas of the West Bank through reusing the animal and agricultur...
Start Date: Nov 2004
Raising children's awareness on plants conservation in the rural arid and semi arid ecosystems of Ra...
Start Date: Dec 2001
Conservation of plant biodiversity: Demonstration site of educational and research garden in Till vi...


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