Slovak Republic

The photo galleries for projects within this country appear below with the most recent projects displaying first. Click on an image to view the project photo gallery.
Start Date: Aug 2010
BROZ- Traditional forestry - recovery of employment and CO2 fixation
Start Date: Aug 2010
Slatinka Association- “Put the light on it....”
Start Date: Jul 2010
Biomass – let it to be our fuel!- Svatobor pod Oblikom
Start Date: Jul 2010
SOS/BirdLife Slovakia: "Usage of biomass from grasslands“
Start Date: May 2010
Friends of the Earth-CEPA: “Towards an Intelligent Utilization of Energy in Polana in order to str...
Start Date: Apr 2010
"Sun for Zajezova"
Start Date: Dec 2010
Ozón XXI "Living Laboratory"
Start Date: Nov 2010
OZ Listy- Hydro-power plant in the handicraft center in Ocova village
Start Date: Oct 2010
Obcianske združenie Klub “Magnólia“: „Arboretum Klecenec“


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