Saving a River, Helping the Sea: Buddhist Monks Work to Protect Thailand's Nan River
The Indo-China Intersection Development Institute is trying to reduce pollution of the Nan River at the source, by convincing farmers in 29 communities along the river to decrease their dependency on agrochemicals. The unusual thing about Institute's Nan River Project, though, is that much of the more
Energy Efficient Stoves for Rural Thailand: Less Carbon Dioxide, More Trees
During the first half of 2000, the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Development taught farmers from seven villages in the Tambol Mae Tha area of the Sunsai District, north of Chiang Mai, how to make energy efficient clay stoves. Those small stoves were an instant hit with local women, since more
Banphot has the Power
This year, however, Banphot will earn an extra 30,000 Thai Baht, or US $675, from the mangoes and bananas that he's growing on his land, and from the fish that he's raising in his new pond. The water that fills the pond and irrigates Banphot's crops comes from a newly built station that pumps water more


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