Agroforestry and Sustainable Pistachio Production
Bastamkul lives in the area of typical arid foothills, with around 300 mm of precipitation annually. There are more than 400,000 ha of such lands across Uzbekistan - 9 out of 12 provinces of the country. People in such areas are usually engaged in rain-fed agriculture, growing oilseed crops or more
Nadejda's farm gives hope for more biogas in Uzbekistan
The problem of energy is one of the most vital in Uzbekistan, especially in rural areas. Many villages are connected to the centralized gas distribution grid but hardly any gas is supplied during the cold seasons of the year. Those who can afford it buy coal, while most that cannot afford coal rely more


Mr. Alexey Volkov
National Coordinator
Phone: + 998 71 120 34 62
Mr. Almaz Temirbekov
Programme Assistant
4, T.Shevchenko str.,Tashkent100029


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