Let’ s Go Wild for Wildlife! SGP welcomes the first World Wildlife Day
World Wildife Day, which was celebrated on March 3rd, 2014 for the first time, honors the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and raises awareness about the wide-ranging ecosystem benefits they provide. This day was chosen to commemorate the signing of the Convention on more
San Agustín's Medicinal Plants: Reaping the Benefits of Nature's Pharmacy
Over the course of those centuries, the Quechua have discovered that many of the plants endemic to their harsh but beautiful region have curative properties, such as the aromatic rica rica, which settles an upset stomach, or chinchircoma, which can help one ward off a cold. A group of women in San more
Selling Nature Without Destroying It: Community Ecotourism in Eastern Bolivia
The surrounding protected area, which extends to Bolivia's border with Brazil, is home to an amazing array of flora and fauna, from endangered jaguars and massive fig trees to millions of colorful butterflies. According to biologist Tim Killeen, who has been doing research there for more than a more
Environmentally Friendly Electricity for Flor de Mayo, Bolivia
"We´re so happy," said Flora Huanca, who'd never had electricity in her life before last year. "We used to arrive from the fields as it was getting dark, and I had to make dinner with a kerosene lamp." Ten-year-old Nando Arequipa, who was summoned by his teacher to recount how electrical power more


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