How Indigenous Women in Honduras Transformed Their Village
This arcticle appeared in Proceso Digital, a local newspaper in Honduras (See the original article in Spanish) and in IPS. Below please find the article published in IPS. Miskito Women Fight on Nature's Side By Thelma Mejía TEGUCIGALPA, Jun 18, 2010 (IPS) - Seven years ago, in the isolated ...read more
Miracle in the Mangrove Forest
The story of two SGP supported projects in Guapinol, Honduras was featured in TierraAmerica. A copy of the article is below. Miracle in the Mangrove Forest By Thelma Mejía Despite the political crisis Honduras has been experiencing since the Jun. 28 coup, women on the country's southern coast ...read more
SGP Projects in Honduras Support the Most Vulnerable Populations
The newspaper "Proceso" in Honduras acknowledges the work of SGP in the country by looking to three projects supported by the programme. A copy of the article is below. Los pobres de "El Jordán", "Brisas del Sur" y "El Venado", ejemplo de fortaleza y dignidad Noviembre 8, 2009 - 11:20 Aldea de ...read more
Honduras: La Ruta Moskitia Wins 'Tourism for Tomorrow' Award
Dubai, UAE, April 22 - La Ruta Moskitia, an alliance of five community-owned ecotourism enterprises in Honduras's Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve, has been awarded the highly coveted World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow award in the "Investor in People" category. La Ruta ...read more
Successful Experiences from Honduras
SGP Honduras has published the newsletter “Community Voice” which addresses successful experiences and the main lessons learned during the four years of the programme's existence.  Visit the Honduras Country Page to learn more about SGP activies ...read more
La Voz Comunitaria
Second Spanish edition of "La Voz Comunitaria" (The Voice of the Community) which expresses the experiences of the SGP communities in Honduras. The newsletter was written and published by an SGP volunteer Carlos Florian under the guidance of the SGP National Coordinator Hugo ...read more


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National Coordinator
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Ms. Marlene Santos
Programme Assistant
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Fax:+ 2239-8010
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