Dump site turned into a land of milk and honey
SGP Lesotho has supported grantee partner Liphamola Dairy Farmers Association (LDFA) since 2012 in its initiative to transfer into a dairy farming a piece of land that was previously used as waste dumping site. The success of LDFA in implementing GEF SGP funded projects: “Demonstration and ...read more
Engaging Herd-boys to Conserve the Southern Bald Ibis in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho
The Southern Bald Ibis (Geronticus calvus), a bird species endemic to Lesotho, the eastern parts of South Africa and the western parts of Swaziland, has been vanishing. Classified as "vulnerable" in the IUCN Red Data Book, the birds have been threatened by habitat loss, human interference at ...read more
GEF SGP Country Programme in Lesotho: Achievements in OP4
Established in December 2007, the SGP Country Programme for Lesotho has been in operation for just over three years now. Teething problems for programme implementation are predominantly solved and the Country Project Portfolio is growing steadily. Lesotho has a comparatively small NGO/CBO network ...read more
The UN Resident Coordinator Visits two SGP Projects in Lesotho
For the 2010 UNDP Staff Retreat in Lesotho, which took place on 17 – 19 March at the Leribe Hotel, a decision was made that the first day be dedicated to visit projects so that the staff could see the impact of UN interventions on the lives of ordinary Basotho. Of the six projects visited, two ...read more
2009 World Environment Day
Bhutan:On 5th June, speeches of UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, and Lyonpo Nado Rinchen, Deputy Minister of National Environment Commission were read out in the assembly. In the evening there was a quiz competition organized by the National Environment Commission at Khuruthang Middle Secondary ...read more