GEF SGP Armenia supports reproduction of the Sevan trout (Salmo ischchan kessler) in the Lake Sevan catchment basin
Lake Sevan is the largest fresh water lake in the Southern Caucasus. The total surface area of its basin is about 5,000 km2, while the lake itself covers 1,250 km2. Since the 1930s, unsustainable utilization of lake water for irrigation and hydropower generation disrupted the ecological balance more
Conservation of the Mutulanganga Important Bird Area and promotion of sustainable community managed eco-tourism
The Mutulanganga Important Bird Areas Conservation and Community Eco-Tourism Initiatives project is one of the numerous success stories of biodiversity conservation in Zambia. Spearheaded by the Zambian Ornithological Society, a local Zambian NGO, and in collaboration with the Zambia more
Protecting biodiversity, examples from the the GEF Small Grants Programme in Uruguay
Biodiversity, agro-ecology, food sovereignty and strengthening of grassroots organizations are the driving forces behind the Small Grants Programme's (SGP) work in Uruguay. Mobilizing the community and promoting proactive participation in shaping the country's public policies, to account more
The GEF SGP helps establish Turkey’s first wildlife corridor
Kars region of northeastern Turkey is a high plateau located between two important global biodiversity hotspots, the Caucasian and Iran-Anatolian. Kars region is also rich in wetlands, large meadows and pine forests. Besides the high diversity of birds and plants, Kars is rich in large more
In Memoriam – Marie Aminata Khan
It is with tremendous sadness that SGP acknowledges the untimely passing of Ms. Marie Aminata Khan, former staff member, friend and mentor of the SGP staff. Marie started as a Programme Assistant in the Central Programme Management Team and then was selected to take the professional post more
UNFCCC COP delegates visit GEF SGP Project near Durban
On the occasion of the 17th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17), the GEF Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a site visit to a community-based mitigation project in the more
Ms. Naoko Ishii, Deputy Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs from Japan visits GEF SGP biodiversity project in Brazil
Last September 30th 2011, the Deputy Vice Minister of Finance of Japan, Ms. Naoko Ishii, visited one of the SGP grantees nearby Brasília, Brazil. Ms. Ishii visited a project in the Colônia I settlement of Brazil, an agrarian reform settlement created in 1996 that comprises 23 families and more
Announcing Regional Workshop of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Asia
The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP), implemented by the UNDP, will be holding a 6 day regional workshop for National Coordinators (N) of country programs tolaunch implementation of its Fifth Operational Phase in the Asian Region and provide training and guidance on the vision and strategy of more
Restoration of Anse Quitor Nature Reserve
The original fauna and flora of Rodrigues is unique to the world; however, it has suffered from the onslaught of four centuries of degradationwhich has destroyed much of Rodrigues' rich biodiversity. Surviving plants are reduced to a single individual or a handful of individuals or small more
Organic Apiculture as an alternative for the conservation of the natural resources
Land use change is one of the main causes of loss of tropical forests and their rich biodiversity in Mexico. With this forest loss, the mainly Mayan peasants in the SGP region of southern Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula become impoverished. Beekeeping is an important aspect of Mayan culture. more


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