Conservation of the Endangered Mountain Bongo Antelopes in Mt. Kenya
The Mountain Bongo is one of the world's most unique and spectacular antelope. It is the largest forest antelope in the world, growing up to 400 kg, and has a reddish-brown coat with eight to 14 vertical white stripes. It is endemic to only Mt. Kenya, parts of the Eburru Forest and Aberdare more
Peru: Biodiversity Conservation
From garbage to a beautiful garden: The "Asociación Ecológica Recuperar" (ECOREC), has transformed a dumpster to a beautiful garden and the project has created jobs and generated income. The article from UN Peru is copied in below. Transformando basura en flores: Programa de more
Uganda Ecotourism
November 2008 The article by WREN Media of United Kingdom highlights GEF Small Grants support to eco-tourism development of Mabira forest ecosystem in Uganda.   Pease read details online more
Fighting poverty, protecting biodiversity: Community-based tourism in Nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua: When I started my UNV volunteer intern assignment about eight months ago, I had some theoretical knowledge about the environment, but knew very little about the tourism industry. In these months I have to say that I had the opportunity to learn much about both of these fields. I more
Las Macanas Wetlands, Panama Receives Honours
As part of the Community Based Rural Tourism initiatives that SGP Panama supports, this project developed by Grupo Ecologico Las Macanas (GEMA) a community NGO, received an Award in the National Competition "A good tourism business idea" from the Panamanian Ministry of Tourism (IPAT), and more
Tunisia: Celebrating the International Day of Biodiversity
GEF SGP Tunisia is celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity with an exhibition on local varieties and local products in partnership with CBBC (Center of Biotechnology Borj Cedria) and University of Tsukuba, Japan (ARENA), in collaboration with Borj-Cedria Technopark Tunisia more
New partnership: 'Coral Reef Small Grants Facility'
"If at one time what happened on and beneath the seas was 'out of sight, out of mind', that can no longer be the case. Let us work together: to protect the oceans and coastal ensure that all people enjoy a sustainable future." - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Port Louis, Mauritius, more
Equator Prize 2006 - Call for Nominations
The Equator Prize is awarded to recognize and celebrate outstanding community efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation of biodiversity. As sustainable community initiatives take root throughout the tropics, they are laying the foundation for a global movement of local successes that more
Newsletter from Cuba
La biodiversidad es el conjunto de todas las especies de plantas y animales, su material genético y los ecosistemas de los cuáles son parte. Durante milenios las formas vivas se hantransformado en una relación estrecha con el ambiente, dando como resultado la more
New SGP Publication: Community Action to Conserve Biodiversity
Community Action to Conserve Biodiversity: Linking Biodiversity Conservation with Poverty Reduction In this report, launched in March 2006 at the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 8) in Curitiba, Brazil, the SGP and the more


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