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GEF SGP grants are never implemented in isolation, but are rather embedded in a web of partnerships that extend from the local to the national to the global. SGP-inspired partnerships have increased broad-based support for global environmental and sustainable development approaches and poli­cies. They have enabled capacity development and learning at different levels; leveraged both finan­cial and technical resources to strengthen programmatic approaches as well as individual projects; and helped to ensure the sustainability of initiatives. SGP synergies with partners have allowed them access to SGP staff, resources, methodologies, tools, knowledge, and experience; thus SGP partner­ships are of mutual benefit.

GEF SGP partnerships at the global level include those with UN and other multi-lateral agencies and organizations, GEF programmes and projects, governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, and international CSOs and NGOs, among others.

Donors trust the flexible, country-driven SGP mechanism. Current partnerships:

Other major partners include:

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