12 May 2016

Haiti mangrovesThe Acul Bay combines coastline with a fertile farmland. Mangrove absence in the coastline negatively used to effect farmland as strong winds and salt spray from the sea resulted in lower yields and even destruction of the harvest. In addition high tides had caused land degradation.

For that reason Asosyasyon Pou Devlopman Bò De Mè Kannyèt (ADK) with the financial support of SGP Haiti and technical and organizational support local NGO Planet Village, has been working with local community to plant mangrove tree along the coastline of the Acul Bay North. As a result 7,500 mangrove trees were planted (including 3966 red mangrove, white mangrove 1849, 1685 gray mangrove) in 9 sites on over 2400 rating of linear meters. Community were engaged and sensitized on the importance of mangroves. 

UNDP Haiti has highlighted this GEF SGP funded initiative in its webpage: “J’élève des « murs de mangroves » pour protéger les côtes haïtiennes”.