Sri Lanka
The most critical part of the project was launching the mechanism to market the products of the farmers by initiating the mobile unit to collect products and to sell them in the towns and cities.
Mr. Priyantha Kumara
Grantee, National Nature Farming Network
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1994
# of Projects 409
Total Grant Amount US$ 9,111,061
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 2,028,826
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 2,673,333

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications
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This publication highlights the work of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) in the international waters focal area that not only generates global environmental benefi ts through community-based management approach to international waters issues, while assisting communities to increase theirresilience and adapt to climate change.

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Country Impact

National Level Impact:

  • Declaration of a turtle nesting sanctuary – first of its kind for Sri Lanka. Formulating a Policy on Traditional Knowledge. Regulations on coral reef rehabilitation in two marine sanctuaries.

Local Level Impact:

  • State recognition on promotion of nature farming with over 30,000 farmers in 18 districts.

Successfully scaled up and replicated projects:

  • Agro forestry protecting over 150 agro-biodiversity species and preventing over 10 tons of pesticides being used. Over 30,000 organically grown home gardens of less than ¼ ha. each contributing to the overall tree cover in the country and providing firewood and timber requirements for the households.

SGP activity in figures:

  • Protected 890 endangered and rare species; rehabilitated over 300 ha. of coastal habitats, 500 ha. of mangroves, 600 ha. of wetlands and 6 ha. of coral reefs. Protected approximately 1200 ha. of forest area conserving 560 species and prevented over 10,000 cubic meters of timber being cut.
2012- Earthcare Awards

SGP initiative on Management of solid waste and reduction of methane emissions through community participation in Galle City Sri Lanka was the winner of the Times of India - Earthcare Awards, New Delhi, October 2012.

2012 - UNFCCC Momentum for Change

SGP project on Introduction of Electric Vehicles to Sri Lanka was selected as one of the winners of the UNFCCC Momentum for Change: Lighthouse Activities, and presented at the UNFCCC COP18, Doha, December 2012

2012 - National Shilpa Award

An SGP grantee People's Development Foundation received the the national Shilpa Award - 'Rajitha Sammana'- from the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development for Kithul (Fishtail palm) and Palmyrah sector at the National Exhibition on Small Enterprises held in October 2012.

2009 - Kyoto World Water Grand Prize

SGP project "Ground Water Quality Improvement through Ecosystem Management" was one of the 10 top finalists.

2008 - Equator Initiative Award

The Sri Lanka Community Development Centre, an SGP grantee, received the Equator Prize for its work to preserve, conserve, and expand the cultivation of indigenous root and tuber crops and promote the sharing of direct and indirect benefits, generate livelihoods, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge through seed banks.

2008 - Best practices in Conservation for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

The project was one of the top 3 to be selected out of 46 countries as one of the 'Best practices in Conservation' for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2008 by the World Travel & Tourism Council. It was also named one of the Top 10 Eco Friendly destinations this year by an online voting system conducted by Travel Community (Travelocity). In 2006 – 2007, BBC also selected the project as one of 9 projects (out of 130) to showcase around the world through their channels. The BBC Wild Life Fund earned approximately 2.3 million English pounds out of this exercise. Each of the nine selected projects received US$100,000. The rest will be used for conservation efforts around the globe. The documentary on turtle conservation was aired several times by the BBC. In addition, the project has been filmed by a French TV channel and in May this year by UN Television for a new flagship programme called "21st Century" which is to be broadcast on BBC world and 400other stations.

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