We have seen real engagement on the part of the population who know that they can cosponsor personal initiative, which they initiated and sustained by themselves, with other available resources.
Mr. Yao Folly
GEF Operational Focal Point
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 2008
# of Projects 85
Total Grant Amount US$ 2,371,579
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 349,825
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 1,010,327

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications
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June 2014 - Equator Prize 2014

The receiver of this Award is SGP grantee partner SONGOU-MAN (Association des Pépiniéristes et Planteurs de Tone –Ouest). 

SONGOU-MAN (Association des Pépiniéristes et Planteurs de Tone –Ouest) has implemented the GEF SGP funded project TGO/SGP/OP4/Y3/CORE/2010/06

2012 - Equator Award

Comité Villageois de Développement de Ando Kpomey wins Equator Award for 2012.

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