The most unique aspect of GEF SGP is its promotion of sustainable use of natural resources for improving livelihoods at the grassroots level, while at the same time strengthening the capacity of community-based organizations.
Mrs. Janet Gibson
SGP National Steering Committee, Belize
Wildlife Conservation Society
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1993
# of Projects 256
Total Grant Amount US$ 6,730,077
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 2,949,963
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 4,758,552

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications
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Sea, my life: a voyage to UNDP-supported marine protected areas around the world" that features case studies of GEF financed projects.Our work in supporting communities in the protection of marine and coastal areas is featured in two chapters: "The people's reef, Community stewardship of marine heritage in Belize" that highlights our work in the Belize Reef Barrier.The other one is the "The Ripple Effect: Partnerships for marine conservation in Turkey" showcasing our work in the establishment of the first "no fishing zones in Turkey.

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Since 2000, the COMPACT programme has been working with communities living in the vicinity of eight World Heritage Sites in Africa, Asia, Meso-America and the Caribbean. Through extensive on-the-ground experience and a participatory methodology that integrates an evidence-based approach, COMPACT has rigorously tested the claim that communitybased initiatives can signifi cantly increase the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation in globally signifi cant protected areas while alsoimproving local livelihoods.

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September 2015 - Meritorious Service Award

This Award from the Government of Belize is given to GEF Small Grants Programme in Belize. 

October 2014 - Ocean Hero Award

The receiver of this National Award is Mrs. Lisa Carne, Executive Director of SGP grantee partner Fragments of Hope.

Fragments of Hope has imlemented the GEF SGP funded projects BZE/COMPACT/OP4/Y2/CORE/09/02 and BZE/COMPACT/OP5/Y4/CORE/BD/14/04

May 2013 - National Award: Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award

This Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mrs. Jessie Young, President of the Community Baboon Sanctuary Women's Group (CBSWCG) a GEF SGP grantee in Bermudian Landing.

February 2013 - National Award: James A. Waight Conservation Award

The James A. Waight Conservation Award is the most prestigious national annual conservation award given to individuals or organizations in recognition of their work for the protection and enhancement of Belize's environment. 2013 Award receivers Paul and Zoe Walker, the founders of Wildtracks, acknowledged the support of volunteers, community, and Belize Government.  Wildtracks partnered with GEF SGP / COMPACT project: Building Awareness of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System in Sarteneja.

2012 - Whitley Fund for Nature Awards

Lisel Alamilla, Belize's newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and formerly Executive Director of the Ya'axché Conservation Trust, is one of seven winners of this year's Whitley Fund for Nature Awards. Lisel won a Whitley Award for her work to unite local stakeholders to protect Belize's species in the rich Maya Golden Landscape. The COMPACT Programme in Belize continues to support Ya'axche Conservation Trust in its landscape management approach to conservation within the Maya Golden Landscape.

2008 - James A. Waight Conservation Award

SGP National Coordinator Mr. Philip Balderamos was awarded for his commitment to bird conservation which spans some 25 years, his unwavering advocacy and educational efforts for sustainable natural resources management and for his contribution to community involvement in conservation efforts. The James A. Waight Conservation Award is given to a Belizean individual organization in recognition of their significant contribution nationally or locally to the conservation and enhancement of Belize's environment. It is given in the name of Belize Audubon Society's first president and one of its founding members, James A. Waight.

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Mr. Leonel Requena
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (501) 822-2462
Mr. Josue Oliva
Programme Assistant, SGP
Phone:+ (501) 822-2462
Fax:+ (501) 822-3364


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